About Us

Who we are

An Yen Garden is a New Zealand owned business located in Wellington. We specialize in creating hand-crafted and hand-poured coconut wax candles made with love, care and attention to detail, using only the finest ingredients to ensure a long-lasting and luxurious burn guaranteed to make you smile.

What we do?

Each candle is uniquely personalized, we believe that every moment deserves to be celebrated and cherished. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing you a variety of customization as a gift for any occasion, whether it be a romantic evening, a cozy night in, making your event unique and magical or that special gift for a loved one.

A key driver in our business is crafting 100% pure coconut candles that are aesthetically pleasing to make you feel comfortable, warm and relaxed in your living space, and more importantly - a special gift for you or your loved one.

Why we do this

Most highly manufactured candles are made using GMO infused wax, sprayed with high concentrations of pesticides. An Yen Garden have made the decision to use 100% pure coconut wax with high quality ingredients that are vegan, non-toxic, eco-friendly, paraffin and phthalate free. Our coconut wax is considered a renewable, sustainable crop, non-GMO and has no pesticides.

At An Yen Garden, we try to make our world a better place to live in, and that's why we give 5% of our profits to charity.

Every purchase you make, helps us to give more to charities in need. In our checkout, there is now an additional opportunity for you to give a little extra with your purchase. This donation is not mandatory and is completely optional as we will still be taking a portion of your sale to give to charity, but anything extra is always welcomed.

Below is a list of our monthly charities we donate to. However, we have one-off donation to many of other charities. Click on the link to find out more about them and how you can help:

By purchasing one of our candles, you make the world a little bit brighter.

How we can help

At An Yen Garden, we strive to help our customers create a personalized and unique experience through our high-quality 100% pure coconut wax products.

We understand that our customers have individual preferences and tastes, and that's why we offer a wide range of customization options. From choosing the scent and color to adding personal touches such as names, messages or photos to your candle, we ensure that every candle is tailored to your desire. Our candles are made with the best quality coconut wax, ensuring a long-lasting burn and a satisfying aroma.

We believe that our commitment to providing customizable and personalized candles helps us create a special connection with our customers and enhance their overall candle experience.